Whole Blood

Formerly part of Pall Corporation's Medical Division

Blood Management Solutions

Our comprehensive portfolio of devices, software, and services offers blood management solutions for each facet of the blood supply chain. We help prevent blood transfusions to the patient who doesn’t need one and provide the right blood product, at the right time, in the right dose, to the right patient who does.

Customer Support

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support by offering access to a broad range of information that our customers need most, such as product and account information, support numbers, technical service and training requests, and more.

Collection and Processing

Our suite of collection and processing technologies is designed to help you collect, process, and deliver the highest quality blood products in a safe, quick, and efficient process to enhance your product offering, improve safety, and increase your cost-effectiveness — all while eliminating waste. View the links below to learn more:

Collection Technologies
Processing Technologies

Filtration and Transfusion

We offer a range of leukoreduction, microaggregate, and salvaged blood filters for the hospital setting to protect patients from microaggregate and leukocyte related transfusion complications.

Education and Training

We believe that improving blood management practices begins with understanding and education. We are committed to supporting your efforts by providing access to evidence-based research, professional educational materials, and a range of training courses through our learning center.