Whole Blood Technologies – U.S.

We offer a comprehensive suite of whole blood collection and processing technologies to help you collect, process, and deliver the highest quality blood products in a safe, quick, and efficient process to enhance your product offering, improve safety, and increase your cost-effectiveness — all while eliminating waste. We also offer a range of leukoreduction, microaggregate, and salvaged blood filters for the hospital setting to protect patients from microaggregate and leukocyte related transfusion complications. Learn more about our whole blood offering by visiting the links below, or click here to view other Haemonetics offerings.

Cell Saver® Elite®+
Our newest advancement in autotransfusion systems with integrated SmartSuction® technology
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At Haemonetics, we offer you the following suite of collection technologies to help you maximize your whole blood donation collections so you can achieve your goals and satisfy your customers’ needs. Learn more about our collection technologies by visiting the links below:

Manual In-Line Leukoreduction Filter Whole Blood Collection Systems

Blood Donation Monitors and Mixers

Blood Collection and Storage Systems


Our portfolio of processing technologies is designed to streamline your processes, increase flexibility with rapid filtration times under virtually all processing conditions, and provide additional products and services to your customers. Visit the following links to find out more about our processing technologies:

Acrodose Systems and Platelets

Bacterial Detection

Transfer Bags

Filtration & Transfusion

Our range of high-efficiency leukoreduction filters provide hospitals with the flexibility of leukoreduction by filtration at the patient’s bedside or in the hospital laboratory. We also have high flow blood filters that remove micoraggregate and component particulate matter, and filters for salvaged blood. Access the links below to learn more:

Filters and Filter Sets