Collection Technologies

Maximize your collection of whole blood donations worldwide

With over fourteen million units of whole blood collected each year in the U.S. from a shrinking pool of eligible donors, whole blood is becoming a valuable resource which needs to be maximized to its fullest potential. At Haemonetics, we offer you the following suite of collection technologies to help you maximize your whole blood donation collections so you can achieve your goals and satisfy your customers’ needs.

  • Manual In-Line Leukoreduction Filter Whole Blood Collection Systems – We offer systems with a whole blood filter and systems with red cell and/or platelet filters to help you produce leukoreduced red blood cells, maximize plasma yields, and increase platelet availability through whole blood donations:
  • Whole Blood Collection and Component Storage Systems – Our non-filter collection systems are designed for the collection of one unit of whole blood, and the subsequent storage of the non-leukoreduced red blood cell, platelet, and/or plasma components.

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