Processing Technologies

Streamline your processing of whole blood collections globally

How blood is stored and handled during processing can affect the quality of the final leukoreduced product. At Haemonetics, we understand the challenges you face to deliver high-quality blood products safely and increase reliability in your processes to meet industry standards and guidelines. Our portfolio of processing technologies is designed to streamline your processes, increase flexibility with rapid filtration times under virtually all processing conditions, and provide additional products and services to your customers.

  • Acrodose™ Systems – We offer a complete solution for pre-storage, pooling, and bacteria detection of whole blood-derived platelets.
  • Transfer Bags – We provide a solution that is ideal for cryoprecipitate AHF pooling, and helps you enhance the services and product mix you offer your hospital customers: 
  • Laboratory/Dockable Leukoreduction Filter Systems – We offer laboratory processing systems for red blood cells and platelets.

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